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Old Man Gordon

It depends on whether you accept free will or not. If, as we've been told many times, God has a plan for your life, then we should seek to get in line with it. If we can get off that track by our own choices, then we can also get on it. Your post makes it seem that you are presenting that God's will for the universe, ie saving the lost (elect for the Calvinists), is the only important will that we need to get in line with.

I am in total agreement about your sentiment about waiting around to find God's will. I'd rather sin boldy than do nothing.

I was once wondering about God's will for a wife for me, and whether I sould go a-courtin. I told an older brother about it, and he said to just ask the girl out and see if it worked. 15 years later, I'm grateful that I didn't wait for God to write her name in the sky.

D.G. Hollums

Dude AMEN!

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